The ONLY sustainable solution to Football’s “concussion crisis”.


SF teaches elite performance techniques that take the head out of contact

Our Mission

Safe Football exists to help foster the growth of football at all levels by developing, teaching and implementing educational and technical training programs designed to increase player safety while greatly improving player performance.


Our comprehensive instructional programs apply to ALL positions & forms of contact. Our curriculum is intuitive and is taught in accordance with leading scientific principles known to expedite learning and skill development.

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Player Safety

We are the ONLY CTE prevention program in existence, with 4 years of proven results. We eliminate the helmet as a tool for contact in every phase/technique within our curriculum.

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Player Performance

Our techniques are based on biomechanics, which means they are EASIER to learn and master. Not only are the players safer but they are better prepared to perform.

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“We’ve just scratched the surface with Safe Football in Detroit and
have already seen immediate results.”

-Jeremiah Washburn, Offensive Line Coach, DETROIT LIONS.